Cities Vs. Plants

What Is This Video?

Cities are NO place for a tiny green things, right? The buildings block the sun, rainwater runs off into storm drains, and trees and plants soon shrivel up and die. Or do they?

Conversation Starters

  • Plum sings, “Nature just can’t be stopped.” What does that mean? In the video, what were some of the unusual places where you saw seeds sprouting or plants growing? Watch it again if you’re not sure.

  • Plum sings that nature “with light and water is gonna grow.” Where can plants in your neighborhood find light and water to grow? Is the block where you live mostly sunny or mostly shady on a clear day? Where do plants (like weeds) sprout and grow?

  • Parks, gardens, and other green areas provide habitats for wild animals to live in or stopover places for migrating animals. Do you think your city or town needs more or fewer green areas? Or is the “Cities Vs. Plants” balance about right? Why?

Explore Some More

What If Plants Win?

What would your city look like in 1,000 years if all the people moved out—and the plants took over? Walk around your neighborhood and find a building that has plants in front of it. Draw a sketch of what the scene looks like now. Then imagine the plants growing and growing. Imagine new plants sprouting—in street cracks, on the roof and ledges, anywhere there’s a bit of soil, water, and light. Now draw the future scene as you imagine it. Is the building still standing? What animals are around? If you’re curious, research online or in books for images of abandoned cities overtaken by nature.

Curriculum Topics

ecosystems, plant survival

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor