Plant Your Socks!

What Is This Video?

You have two choices when your socks get super dirty. You can wash them … OR you can plant them! In dirt! (Why would anyone want to plant their socks? Watch and learn!)

Conversation Starters

  • How are Clem’s socks like animal fur? What happens to the furry animals that walk through the field? (Seeds cling to their fur, especially thistles.)

  • “Seeds are everywhere!” Plum reads in a book. How do seeds travel? (They are carried by animals or float on the wind or water.)

  • What plants grow in your city or town? How many can you name? Think about flowers, trees, bushes, grasses, weeds, vines, and ferns.

  • How did those plants get there? (People planted them, or they grew from seeds that were carried there naturally.)

Explore Some More

Seed Darts

If you throw thistle, cocklebur, or another clingy seed at a piece of fuzzy fabric, it’ll stick. So why not draw a bull’s-eye on some fabric and turn seeds into darts? You can find these very common seeds outside during the fall. (Or they’ll find you.) If it’s not the right season, design your own seed darts using materials around the home. You could start with pieces of hook-and-loop fasteners, like Velcro™, an invention inspired by hitchhiking burr seeds. Hang the bull’s-eye fabric on a wall and see if the fasteners stick to it when thrown. How can you make them stick better? Tip: Check out similar fasteners on toys for design ideas. Fine-tune your design and then challenge a friend to a game of Seed Darts!

Curriculum Topics

ecosystems, plants, life cycle

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor