Wild, Wild Life

What Is This Video?

The Plink can do MANY amazing things—take pictures, fast-forward time, or shrink you til you’re as big as a bug! Totally awesome, right? Wellllll….not if there are OTHER bugs around!

Conversation Starters

  • Why did Oliver and Cooper think the snail was a rock? What other animals do they encounter? (Watch the video again and make a list.)

  • What wild animals do you see in your neighborhood—big, medium, and small?

  • What are some reasons city animals are hard to see or find? (Some are very small, some hide from people, some live underground, some blend in with the grass or trees, some come out only at night, some are few in number in the city, and so on.)

Explore Some More

The Life of Soil

Now that the video has revealed the secret world of tiny animals, you’re prepared for the following challenge: Can you spot 10 kinds of city animals in your neighborhood? In just 10 minutes? (Dogs, cats, and humans don’t count!) Use a camera, if you have one, or a notebook to track your sightings. If you don’t know the name of a creature, sketch it quickly and note its color and size so you can look it up later. Here’s a tip: Don’t count on seeing very many animals out in the open. Poke around in the soil, look under leaves, lift a dead branch or log … you get the picture.

Curriculum Topics

ecosystems, plants, animals

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor