Go Plant a Tree

What Is This Video?

Join Lucy, Henry, Annie and their friends as they head out on a mission to plant a tree with Dave, the city arborist.

Conversation Starters

  • Where do trees live in your neighborhood?
  • What are some places in your neighborhood where you might plant trees? How do you think those trees would affect that ecosystem?
  • Does your community have an arborist, forester, or other person whose job it is to take care of the trees where you live? How might you find out?

Explore Some More

Trees in the City

Try to identify the trees in your neighborhood or a nearby park using an identification guide such as the Arbor Day Foundation's online field guide. Then, find out if your community is recognized as a Tree City USA. If it isn't, find out how you can help get your city recognized for its attention to urban forestry.

Plant a Tree

Arbor Day is a national holiday dedicated to tree planting. National Arbor Day takes place the last Friday in April, though some states recognize their own Arbor Day. Find out when your state celebrates Arbor Day, and learn the name of your state tree. Does this tree grow near you? Try to find one in your neighborhood.