A City in the Forest

What Is This Video?

How is a forest like a city? Find out as you follow Henry, Zuzu, Davin, Mira, Tessa and Elon to explore the things that live on trees, from the top of the canopy to their roots in the ground - even dead trees lying on the forest floor!

Conversation Starters

  • What kinds of living things have you seen in or on the trees in our neighborhood?
  • How do living things use the trees in our neighborhood?
  • Have you seen signs of animal life on the trees in your neighborhood? What kinds of signs of animal life have you found?
  • What do the trees in our neighborhood do for you?

Explore Some More

Tree Sweet Tree

How many different kinds of living things use the trees in your neighborhood? Choose a tree and spend a few minutes observing it closely. Are insects walking in the cracks in the bark? Are birds or squirrels in the canopy? Is there any fungus or moss growing on the tree? What signs of animal life, such as holes in the bark or in the leaves, can you see? Make a drawing of the tree in your field notebook, and show all the different kinds of living things you found on it. When you're done, find another tree in the neighborhood. Repeat the activity, and make comparisons between the two. Did the trees look the same, or were they different? Did both trees have similar organisms living on them?

Cool Off

Find a green space in your neighborhood, such as a park, or area of a yard planted with trees, bushes and flowers. On a sunny day, record the temperature in the middle of the green space, in the shade, if possible. Compare this with the temperature on the sidewalk or in another paved area, such as a playground or basketball court. How do they differ?