Mountain Face-Off

What Is This Video?

What does a mountain in Massachusetts have in common with a mountain in Colorado? How are they different? To find out, Bianca, Cornell, and Henry, who hiked a mountain in Massachusetts, have a video chat with Sydney and Nathaniel, who hiked a mountain in Colorado.

Conversation Starters

  • What are two different ecosystems you'd like to explore? How do you think they might be the same and different?
  • Does your neighborhood share any features with either of the mountains the kids in the video talked about?
  • How were the mountains the two groups of kids visited similar? How were they different?

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Sharing Stories

Make a video of your own outdoor adventure, whether it's hiking in a forest, walking along a beach, or surveying the trees in the city where you live. If you have friends or family members who live in another city or state, ask them to do the same thing. Then, arrange to do a video chat of your own to talk about what you saw and what you learned while you were exploring the outdoors. What's similar about where you live? How do the places where you live differ?