Hiking Wachusett

What Is This Video?

Join Bianca, Cornell, and Henry as they get ready to hike Mount Wachusett, a mountain in Massachusetts. What are some of the things they'll need to bring for their hike?

Conversation Starters

  • The kids in the video learned that they are going to visit a temperate forest. Are there forests near you? What kind of forests? How might you find out?
  • What are some of the things you would bring along if you were going for a mountain hike?

Explore Some More

Plan a Hike

Gather a few maps of your region and identify parks, bike trails, hiking trails, or other places where you can freely explore the outdoors. Plan a day-long outing to that location. What will you need to pack? What kind of weather should you be prepared for? What trails will you follow? Draw a map of the area, and include on it pictures of the kinds of plants and animals you expect to find. Are there any landmarks you'll likely see, such as rivers, lakes or streams? You might even visit a library or use online resources to learn more about the type of ecosystem you live in, such as temperate forest, prairie, temperate rainforest, or desert.

Curriculum Topic

ecosystems, weather and climate

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor