Underwater Hiding Places

What Is This Video?

Join Ella and her friends Miriam, Eissa, and Nathan as they explore hiding places for the creatures living at the New England Aquarium. See how these underwater animals are masters of disguise, with coloration and patterns that trick predators into not eating them!

Conversation Starters

  • If you were an animal at the aquarium, which habitat would you like to live in? Why?
  • What's the most awesome hiding place you saw in the video? What makes it so awesome?
  • What are some hiding places for animals in our neighborhood?
  • How is a coral reef like a city for animals? Can you think of other places that are like cities for animals?
  • What do cities provide for the people who live in them?

Explore Some More

A City For Animals

Using drawings or craft supplies, create your own city for animals. Think about where your city might be: the mangrove swamp, a rainforest, your neighborhood? Just as cities are full of different kinds of people, an animal city would be full of different kinds of animals! Are some of them predators and some of them prey? Are some large and some small? Come up with a list of the animals that would live in your city. Then, start drawing or building your animal city, being sure to identify places where animals can find food and shelter and where they can hide, whether they are predators or prey.

Curriculum Topic

habitats, life cycles

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor