Brad Befriends a Bilby

What Is This Video?

Not all deserts are hot, but the desert in Australia's outback, where daytime temperatures can top 118°F (48°C), sure is. How do some of its furry residents beat the heat? Follow the bilby to find out.

Conversation Starters

  • Where do the animals you see every day live? How does their shelter protect them?
  • Are different animals in your neighborhood active at different times of the day? Which animals are active in the morning? The middle of the day? At night?

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Home Sweet Home

Explore your neighborhood looking for evidence of animal homes. Walk around the block or visit a park or schoolyard, looking up into trees and down at the ground. If you spot an animal, stop and quietly watch to see where it goes and what it does. Anthills in sidewalk cracks, for example, are a sign of a larger colony of ants below. Squirrels build large nests in trees, and chipmunks live in underground burrows, with tell-tale entrance holes in many lawns.

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