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What Is This Video?

Plum sends Cooper, Gabi and Oliver on a mission to observe a small piece of the Earth. What will they find?

Conversation Starters

  • If Plum sent you on this mission, where would you like to go? What do you think you might find?
  • Do you think you might see different things if you repeated this mission at different times of day? Why or why not?

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In the video, Plum sent the Earthlings on a mission to observe a small piece of Earth and record what they found. Now it's your turn! Take your field notebook and head outside. Bring a camera if you have one. Find a place you'd like to explore in depth, sit down, and spend a minute simply listening and looking. Then, choose something to observe closely, such as a spider web, the bark of a tree, or a squirrel. Take notes in your notebook or make drawings showing what you're observing. What does it look like? If it's an animal, what is it doing? If it's a plant, where is it growing? Are any animals walking or crawling on it, eating parts of it, or using it in some other way?

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