All About Ants

What Is This Video?

Ants: awesome monster creatures, cute, friendly insects, or a little bit of both? See what Clem and Brad learn when they get up close and personal with a colony of ants.

Conversation Starters

  • Why did Brad call the ants "awesome monster creatures?" What did he see the ants doing? What other observations did he make?
  • What kinds of observations did Clem make? Did she agree with Brad's description of ants as "monster creatures?" Why or why not?
  • Was either of them wrong? Why or why not?

Explore Some More

Home Sweet Home

Get up close and personal with ants or other insects, just like Brad and Clem did. Grab your field notebook, a pencil, and a magnifying glass, if you have one. Head outdoors and look for ants (or other insects) crawling on the sidewalk or cruising up the trunk of a tree. Try to follow one for a minute or two. What is it doing? Is it interacting with any other ants or insects? How many legs does it have, and what does its body look like? Jot down your observations in your field notebook. Then, follow another ant or insect. What does this one look like? Does it have the same number of legs and other body parts? Is it doing the same thing as the first insect?

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indoor and outdoor