Cooper's Favorite Place in Nature

What Is This Video?

Cooper tells Plum about his favorite place in nature–his fire escape, where he's growing a tomato and can see tons of different kinds of clouds.

Conversation Starters

  • Where is your favorite place in nature?
  • Do you also have a favorite place in an indoor location, such as your house or school?

Explore Some More

Collecting Clouds

Start your own cloud collection, just like Cooper did. Photograph clouds and take notes in your field notebook about what makes them interesting to you. Can you find clouds that are shaped like animals, cars, or other objects? What about clouds with different patterns or textures? Dark clouds? Pink clouds? You might try looking at clouds at different times of the day. (Clouds reflect beautiful shades of pink, gold, and orange at sunrise and sunset.) Or look at clouds just after a thunderstorm and notice how sunlight breaks through. You might even see a rainbow!

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indoor and outdoor


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