Brad's Favorite Place in Nature

What Is This Video?

Brad is convinced that, back in the old days, pirates lived in a nearby cave. What will he find when he starts to dig for their hidden treasure?

Conversation Starters

  • What do you think you might find if you were to dig for treasure in your yard?
  • Do you know any "awesome, awesome" places in nature? What makes them awesome?
  • Do you also have a favorite place in an indoor location, such as your house or school?

Explore Some More

Digging Around in Nature

What hidden treasures might you find right beneath your feet? Ask an adult if they know a place where you can carefully dig a few holes in the ground. As you dig, gently place the soil you remove in a pile next to the hole. Do you see roots, stones, or insects? Acorns, seeds, or other plant parts? What else do you see? Try digging and exploring holes in two different places. Compare them. How are the holes different? (Don't forget to fill the hole back in before you leave!) If you can't dig, try turning over a few rocks, bricks, or logs. You might find millipedes, worms, or even salamanders. Write about or draw what you see in your field notebook.

My Favorite Place in Nature

What's your favorite place in nature? Write a few sentences about it in your field notebook. Then head outdoors and spend some time in your favorite place. (If you don't already have one, find one!) Notice the plants and animals that live there. Document it with photos or sketches. You might even return to your favorite place at different times of day, or during different seasons, to watch and record how it changes.

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