Jungle Jam!

What Is This Video?

Join the Earthlings as they sing a song about life in the jungle, then make up a song of your own!

Conversation Starters

  • What is this song all about?
  • What do you think the Earthlings mean when they sing, ''The jungle is bursting with energy, it all starts with the sun''?
  • How do you think the sun provides the energy for the plants and animals in our neighborhood?
  • What would you title a song about our neighborhood?

Explore Some More

Sing a Song

Have kids make up and perform their own songs about the jungle, the plants and animals that live there, and how they interact. Encourage creativity! Bring out craft supplies so kids can make props, such as drawings, figures, or puppets of some of the jungle plants and animals they have learned about. If weather permits, head outside and have kids perform their songs for one another. Then, have them make up and perform another song about where you live.

Curriculum Topic

biodiversity, energy, ecosystems

Activity Type