Bubble Wrap

What Is This Video?

Will the Earthlings make it off of Mount X before the storm arrives? Follow along as they race to the middle of the mountain–while being chased by a hungry hawk and an angry grizzly bear!

Conversation Starters

  • Have you ever been to a mountain? What was it like? In what ways is a mountain like the place where you live?
  • In the video, Gabi points out that as you go up a mountain, there's less water, and with less water, there are fewer plants. Then, Cooper says that fewer plants means fewer animals. Have you noticed this same pattern–when there are more plants, you see more animals–where you live?
  • What different kinds of habitats are in your neighborhood? Next time you go for a walk, notice what kinds of plants and animals, and how many of each, live in different places, such as a grassy lawn, or a parking lot.

Explore Some More

Zoom in on Habitats

Next time you go for a walk, bring a set of binoculars and a magnifying lens with you, if you have one. Use the binoculars to look through the canopies of several trees. What do you see? Are any birds visible? If so, what are they doing? How about other animals, such as squirrels? Look for evidence of animal homes, such as nests or holes in the tree. Then, use the magnifying glass to get a close-up look at the parts of the tree. Describe the appearance of the bark, a twig, a leaf, and any other parts you see and make sketches in your field notebook. What kinds of things do you notice with the magnifying glass that you didn't notice before?