Moose Mania!

What Is This Video?

Plum has sent the Earthlings in three teams to explore Mount X. But if they're on the same mountain, then why does each team see such different things? Find out when they need to escape an approaching storm!

Conversation Starters

  • How does a mountain change as you go from the base to the top?
  • The Earthlings can use the Plink to measure both temperature and elevation, or their height above sea level. What do you think might be the relationship between elevation and temperature?
  • A moose can weigh over 1,000 pounds. That's huge! What do you think is the biggest animal that lives in your neighborhood?

Explore Some More

Seeds in my Socks

Find a pair of old socks, preferable ones that are fairly fuzzy. Take them outdoors with you and find an open field, such as a sports field or open space in a park. Place the socks over your shoes and walk around in the field for several minutes. Place them in a bag and bring them home. Then, line a shoebox or other container with plastic wrap or a plastic bag. Fill it with potting soil. Cut out the bottom of the sock and place it, with any seeds facing up, on the soil. Cover it with a thin layer of soil, water it, and place it in a sunny spot. Over the next week, be sure the soil remains damp. In a week to ten days, you should see plants sprouting! Check out this ZOOM video of kids doing this activity. Note: this activity works best in the late summer and early fall, when many flowering plants have produced seeds.

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Activity Type

indoor and outdoor