A Peek at the Peak

What Is This Video?

Follow along as Plum sends the Earthlings to explore different parts of Mount X–do they all see the same things?

Conversation Starters

  • The Earthlings in the video used the Plink to figure out their elevation, or how high they are above sea level. What do you think that might mean?
  • How could you find out how high above sea level you are?

Explore Some More

Hiking Haiku

Head outdoors and take a walk around your neighborhood or through a park. Bring along a field notebook and pencils, and after you've walked a while, find a place to sit and write a haiku about the place where you are, a plant or animal that caught your attention, or any other aspect of the outdoors that interests you. A haiku is a three-line poem. The lines don't need to rhyme, but they follow a pattern of five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables.

Curriculum Topic

ecosystems, habitats

Activity Type

indoor and outdoor