Mangrove Mystery

What Is This Video?

Bubble along with the Earthlings as they plunge underwater to explore the mangrove swamp. It's filled with fish in every color of the rainbow–but why are they all babies? And what keeps the Earthlings safe from a hungry shark?

Conversation Starters

  • Did the Earthlings find a cow that lives underwater? What was it?
  • The Earthlings found the babies of fish and other animals among the mangrove roots. Why is this a great place for baby fish to grow up?
  • What are some animals that live near you, and where do you think they raise their babies?
  • What are some things Plum's Skismo can do? If you could build a Skismo like Plum's, what are some things you would like it to measure? Why?

Explore Some More

Pasta Predators

Experience what it's like to be a predator when its prey is camouflaged. Head outdoors to a grassy area with a box of plain, easy-to-handle pasta (such as rotini or wagon wheels) and a box of tricolor pasta in the same shape. Take along a timer or stopwatch and a small bag. Tell your kids to turn around and shut their eyes. Scatter the plain pasta around on the grass. Have them open their eyes and give them one minute to pick up as many pasta pieces as they can find and then put them in the bag. After a minute, count how many pieces they have found. How easy was it to find the pasta? Then repeat the activity, but this time use the rainbow pasta. How easy was it to find the pasta this time? Did your kids find more of any one color? Which one? Was any color harder to find? Why was it harder to find? How might this activity model what it's like to be a predator?