More Characters

One Hundred Chickens

They're wild. They're crazy. They're great at using farm items to build vehicles that can transport them anywhere on earth or beyond. Counting to 100? You want the chickens.

The Teens

Tessa, Mora, and Jesse are a clique of chatty teenagers who are so proud of their ages they wear them on their shirts. They love pizza, texting, comparing their ages, and giving fashion advice to Peg at the Mega Mall.

Neighbor Ladies

Viv and Connie are Peg's chatty middle-aged neighbors, whose houses are on either side of hers. The Neighbor Ladies are always together, always bubbly, always babbling at Peg about how she should wear more pink, smile more, be more girly. Though well‐meaning, they're always getting in Peg's way!

The Pirates

The Captain, Buckler, Matey, Grey Beard (and their Parrot of course) are an unruly band of clods with bad manners. They love the number 4, love dividing things up, but have a hard time doing so fairly, so they're always having tantrums.

Big Mouth

A furry space monster with very large teeth, Big Mouth chases after anything little and yellow. Though noisy and messy, Big Mouth is totally harmless.


A sweet swimming damsel whose various beloved sparkling shapes are always getting swiped.