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Where in the World is Denali?

World Map

  • Can you find Denali?
  • Where in the world are you? (Which continent do you live on?)
  • Does it seem like you're far from Denali? How far? (A whole continent? Half a continent? A few states?)
  • Which of the Seven Summits is closest to where you live? Which is the farthest away?

What are the "Seven Summits?"

The world has seven continents, each with its highest mountain peak. It is becoming more and more popular for climbers to try and climb all seven summits, which are also known as the Seven Sisters. Only a handful of people has succeeded. To reach the top of any of these is a huge achievement.

Continent Mountain Feet Meters
Asia Mt. Everest 29,035 8,850
South America Aconcagua 22,841 6,962
North America Denali 20,320 6,194
Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro 19,563 5,963
Europe Mt. Elbrus 18,481 5,633
Australia Puncak Jaya 16,502 5,030
Antarctica Vinson Massif 16,066 4,897

The continental Seven Summits are well known because of the popular challenge to conquer them all, but the world's highest peaks—those that reach 8,000+ meters (over 26,000 feet)—are all found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in the Himalayan and the Karakoram mountain ranges of Nepal and Pakistan.

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