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Dining on Denali

A good meal helps a climber's attitude and keeps up her strength. The food brought on an expedition doesn't just need to be healthy but also something to look forward to.

What's the NOVA team eating?

Granola, powdered milk, sugar and raisins. They can eat this anywhere on the mountain—even at high camp. At camps below 16,200 feet they're eating English muffins, cream cheese, jam, and Canadian bacon (pre-cooked and frozen).

This meal is usually any of the following:
Bagels, cheese, turkey or beef jerky, salami, trail mixes (called gorp), cracker mixes, pretzels, animal crackers, and dried fruit like apricots, apples, pineapple and papaya. They also bring along hard candies and candy bars. And they try to carry tea in a thermos and water or juice in water bottles.

You won't believe it—good old macaroni and cheese. Dried soups can be eaten anywhere on the mountain, too.

Water, Water
Most importantly, they're drinking lots of water. The climbers melt snow and then boil it to kill any dangerous organisms that could make them sick. Climbers drink about 4 quarts a day.

Want to try a Denali Dinner? Print out this recipe and have your family pretend to dine at the 14,300-foot High Camp:

macaroni and cheese

elbow noodles
dried mixed veggies
grated cheese—mixed cheddar and mozzarella
powdered milk
cream of mushroom soup mix

Cook veggies and pasta together. Drain 3/4 of the water and add other ingredients until you have a melted, creamy consistency. Serve HOT. (And remember to pack up your trash!)

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