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Hispanic Heritage Month Paco
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Maya & Miguel! Paco
During Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate the ¡Superfabuloso! contributions of Hispanic Americans to the United States. The traditions and experiences of Hispanic Americans help make the United States a diverse and exciting place to live.

Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15th and lasts until October 15th.

Here are some fun ways you can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Maya & Miguel:

Play Paco�s Passport – a game celebrating Hispanic heritage!
Watch Maya & Miguel on your local PBS station.  From October 1 – October 15, we will be airing episodes that celebrate all kinds of culture and heritage. Tune into your favorite episodes, including Mala Suerte, La Nueva Cocinita, La Calavera , Tito’s Mexican Vacation, and more!
Check out some Latin Fun Fiesta adobe pdficon (PDF 345 KB) facts, and find out about Hispanic heritage, famous Hispanic Americans, and more!
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