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Theo and Andy
play pet shop match-up
Sign language
Create a Caption Create a Comic
Pet Shop Match-Up Find That Word
Create a Bookmark
"Best of" Bookmarks Pizza Surprise
Sidewalk Spell-O-Rama Make Your Own Mancala
Two-Player Paper Golf    
Make a Cereal Box Gong
Cereal Box Gong Sports Pins
Groovy African Shekere Sports Placemat
Sandpaper Scrapers Pennant Seat Cushion
Feng Shui Wind Chime Autograph Book
Theater Mask Garden Hose Trumpet
Trading Cards    
Cook Mexican Fajitas
French Toast Greek Salad
Chinese Lemon Chicken Tropical Fruit Salad
African Vegetable Stew American No-Bake Cookies
Cajun Jambalaya Indian Mango Lassi
Italian Pesto Pasta Mexican Fajitas
Make a Mexican Piñata
Homemade Wrapping Paper Sugar Skull
Paper Bag Piñata    
Color Paco!
Coloring Pages
Kick It! The Three Friends
Play Soccer That’s It
Tito Super Fabuloso
Chrissy Go Team!
Maggie Bookmark
Andy Card
Theo The Santos Family
Paco Maya
Parents & Teachers

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