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It all starts with a good story!
See How It's Done
The making of a Super Fabuloso! animated series
Maya & Miguel: The Concept The Concept
All television shows start with a "concept." This means an idea for what the show is about. Maya & Miguel, as you know, is about fun-loving twins and their family and friends who all share in neighborhood adventures, and sometimes, misadventures!
The Stories The Stories
The writers and producers who come up with the scripts for the show get many of their ideas from real life experiences. They want the audience to see that Maya & Miguel have many of the same feelings and experiences that many 10-year-olds have. For instance, an episode about Tito's friendship with a boy who is deaf was inspired by one of the voice over actors who has two hearing-impaired sons.
The Talent The Talent
Behind every great character is the talent, or actor, who brings that character to life. In an animated series, actors create the voices of each character. Visit "Meet the Actors" to learn more about the voices behind Maya & Miguel.
The Episode The Episode
An episode is one program that is a part of a whole series. Each episode of Maya & Miguel takes a whole team of people to create. Producers and writers craft the story, a director breaks the story down and passes it on to the storyboard artist, and then several cartoon artists and animators put it all together and in motion with their drawings!
The Process The Process
Once artists create the character designs, the backgrounds (scenes), props (things in a scene that the character uses, like soccer balls, books, and toys) and storyboards (a set of rough sketches outlining a scene), the animations are put together by computer animators.

Watch a clip of the animators at work Watch a clip of the animators at work
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