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Tito answers your questions
Q: Welcome anyway do you feel confortable in a diffrent country? — Livereey, 10, United States

Tito: Hi, Livereey. Yes I do feel comfortable in a different country, thanks for asking. At first, I really missed Mexico and I still do sometimes, but it really helps to have my cousins Maya and Miguel to make me feel welcome in my new home.

Q: What does it look like in Mexico? Is it fun in Mexico? Do some people speak english over there? Is it HOT over there? Can you teach me some spanish words like how do you say (grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, dog and cat) in spanish? — Amber, 10, Louisiana

Tito: Hi Amber! Thanks for all your questions. Most of the time, it is really hot in Mexico, but did you know that some parts of Mexico get really cold and it snows during the winter? It was fun in Mexico living with my family and a lot of people speak Spanish AND English. Here are the Spanish words you wanted to know! Grandma is abuela, grandpa is abuelo, mom is mamá, dad is papá, brother is hermano, sister is hermana, friend is amigo, dog is perro, and cat is gato. You can learn even more Spanish by reading books to help you or, better yet, find a friend who speaks Spanish and practice with him or her!

Q: Hi Tito I just moved I want you to recommend places that I can go to play with my brothers. — Luis, 6, Alaska

Tito: Hi Luis. Well, I’ve never been to Alaska, but I’m sure there are playgrounds where you can play with your brothers. Also, do you like to go ice skating? It’s something that you can do in Alaska, for sure!

Q: Hi Tito, I’m elisaul from the Dominican Republic. I want to know if you’ve ever travelled to my country. — Elisaul, 10, La Republica Dominicana

Tito: Hi Elisaul! I’ve lived in Mexico, but I’ve never visited your country. But my friend Chrissy’s parents are from there and she always talks about going with them to visit. Maybe I can go with her!

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