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Tito answers your questions
Q: hi tito como estas i speak spanish to but i'm forgeting it and i dont no what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — Nicolle, 9, UNITED STATES

Tito: Dear Nicolle, Try to speak Spanish with as many people as you can so you don’t forget. Do people in your family speak Spanish? It would be great to practice with your mom or dad or abuela. You could also ask your family to get you some books in Spanish so you can practice reading too. ¡Buena suerte!

Q: Tell me the ingredients for a common mexican recipe! — AnaÏs, 9, Alaska

Tito: Dear AnaÏs, One of my favorite things ever is guacamole! I help my Abuela make it all the time. We use avocados (of course!), tomatoes, salt, and lime juice. My Abuela also likes to put in garlic and cilantro. It’s delicious!

Q: Hi! I too like to play with my friends, but my friends don’t let me express my ideas, but when I don’t let them express their ideas they get mad and I tell them that’s how I feel when they don’t let me say my ideas and I feel very bad because of it. What can I do? Hope to hear from you. With much admiration, Joseph. — Joseph

Tito: Dear Joseph, Sometimes it’s hard to listen to someone else’s ideas when they’re different from yours. Maybe that’s why you and your friends aren’t getting along…? What if all of you make a promise that you’ll let each other talk no matter what — I’ll bet you’ll learn something new and cool from listening to each other!

Q: How many floors/stories does the Eiffel Tower have? — Simon C., 7, Mexico

Tito: Dear Simon, What a great question! I didn’t know the answer, so my mom and I went on the Internet to look it up. The Eiffel Tower is 324 meters tall (that’s 1,063 feet!) — and that’s about the same as 81 stories in a regular building! Did you know that you can go up to the top when you visit? I definitely want to do that someday!

Q: Hi Tito! What part of Mexico were you born? My parents were born in Mexico and my sister and I were also born in Mexico! I was born in Chuahula, Mexico! What is your favorite sport? Mine is soccer. Do you like more the United Status or Mexico? I really like Mexico more! — Honore, 7, Mexico

I was born in Mexico City – that’s where my parents lived when I was just a baby. My favorite sport is soccer too. Miguel is teaching me some tricks so I can be as good a player as he is one day. I like both the United States and Mexico – it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Q: Tito, for your birthday what would you want? — Maya, 9, Mexico

For my next birthday, I want to go to the zoo. There’s a brand new one that just opened up, and I heard that they have a fun petting zoo – that’s the part of the zoo where you can actually touch the animals and feed them food! That would be a great birthday!

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