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Tito answers your questions
Q: What does the flag of Mexico look like? — Bart, 6, New York

Dear Bart, The Mexican flag is beautiful! It has three big stripes of color that are green, white and red. And right in the middle, there is an eagle sitting on a cactus with a snake in its beak. It’s very cool!

Q: Do you like mariachi, I like it but I hope you like it. — Patricia, 11, Texas

Dear Patricia, I like mariachi music too – it reminds me of Mexico, where I used to live. My parents and my abuela have some CDs of mariachi music, so I can listen to it whenever I want to!

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? — LeeAnne, 13, Florida

Dear LeeAnne, I think I’d like to be a science teacher. Or maybe a doctor. Or a famous soccer star. Or maybe all three! (But not at the same time!)

Q: tito have you ever seen the eifel tower, when you have time can you please anser me — cristian, 6, PUERTO RICO

I have only seen the Eiffel Tower in books and on TV. But I think it looks beautiful! Abuela says that she visited the Eiffel Tower once many years ago, and it’s even better in person than in pictures!

Q: Hi tito my name is nallely I am ten years old I speak Spanish too and I’m also from mexico I was born there and sometimes I fell really bad because I miss my beautiful and dear mexico so much what can I do so I don’t feel bad? — Nallely, 11, Arkansas

Dear Nallely, I know exactly how you feel. When I first moved away from Mexico, I missed it very much. But it helped me a lot to talk to my family about it. Abuela and I sat together and look at pictures of my old neighborhood and my cousins who still live in Mexico. We remembered lots of funny stories together and laughed a lot! And when I was sad, my mom cooked her famous caldo de pollo (chicken soup) for me which made me feel even better.

Q: Hi Tito. My school does a jog a thon every year. That means we jog around the playground as many times as we can in a hour. I did 35 laps. What is 35 in spanish? — Wesley, 7, Washington

Dear Wesley, We do a jog-a-thon too! Except we run around a little field at the back of the school. In Spanish, “35” is “treinta y cinco” (you say it “treh-een-tah ee SINK-o”). Wow, that’s a lot of laps!

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