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Tito answers your questions
Q: Since I am from Mexico, my question is what are your favorite places in Mexico? – Yadira, 13, Los Estados Unidos

Tito: Dear Yadira, I love going to the ocean in Mexico. My family and I always have so much fun. I like playing in the tide pools (once I found an octopus), and chasing the seagulls.

Q: Do they have pizza in Mexico? – Erick, 7, New Jersey

Tito: Dear Erick, There weren’t a lot of pizza places where I grew up in Mexico, but my mom would make her own version of pizza, which is a cheese-crisp.  She would take cheese and sprinkle it on top of a tortilla and heat it up.  Yummy!  I would eat it with salsa.  All this talk is making me hungry!

Q: Tito- I want to learn how speak spanish,but My mom and dad want me to learn french! What should I do?! — Kendall, 9, Idaho

Tito: Dear Kendall, That’s a tough one. They’re both such great languages! I think first you should think about why you want to learn Spanish. Once you know, you should talk to your parents and see what they say. Why do they want you to learn French so badly? Maybe you could learn both languages! Then you would be tri-lingual! I’d like to learn French too, one day. The more languages you know, the more people in the world you can talk to. Au revoir!

Q: why did you come from mexico to The United States. — Kim, 7, UNITED STATES

Tito: Dear Kim, My family moved to the United States for more opportunities and because we have family here. I love being so close to my cousins, Maya and Miguel!

Q: dear tito,I love to paint and draw.I also like to do other things.what is your favorite sport to play with migual — Huda, 10, Wisconsin

Tito: Dear Huda, I love soccer! Miguel is really good player and always helps me out.

Q: On which day was the Mexican Independence? — Omar, 8, US

Dear Omar, On September 16th, back in 1810, a revolution started that led to Mexico's independence from Spain. Mexican Independence Day is a big holiday in my home country – there are all kinds of decorations, food, music, parades and celebrations! The fun begins on the night of September 15th and continues all day on September 16th!

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