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Tito answers your questions
Q:  What kind of music do you hear in Mexico?  Do you like it? If you play an instrament, what kind? I play the cello! – Kim, Washington

Tito:   Dear Kim, In Mexico we hear all kinds of music, but typical Mexican music is Ranchera songs that are played mostly with the guitar. Have you ever seen Mariachis? They are a group of three men who dress up in very fancy costumes and sing with their guitars. It’s really fun music—I like it a lot. I don’t play an instrument now, but I would like to play the drums like my cousin Miguel.

Q: What american foods do you like? - Rashmi.n ,Illinois

Dear Rashmi, I LOVE ice cream! I love to eat ice cream at the baseball games. But I also like pizza and all kinds of fruit, especially mangos.

Q: r u related to maya & miguel? if u r , how? - Ellen, Alabama

Dear Ellen, my dad, Ernesto, is Rosa's brother. Rosa is Maya & Miguel's mother. That means I am their cousin!

Q: I just moved here from Palestine and it was hard for me to adjust to life in America because learning English was hard and I only spoke Arabic. How did you learn to speak English so quickly? – Rosa, 13, Georgia

Tito: Dear Rosa, Wow! It must have been hard for you when you first came. But it sounds like you are doing OK in English! Yeah! Yes, it was hard for me when we moved because we were leaving the place where I was born and also leaving all my friends. It was a little different for me because I had my cousins Maya and Miguel in America and they spoke English, and I watched a lot of TV in English back home! Maya, Miguel, and all my friends and family help me!

Q: Ole! Comoatas! Well however you spell it. Please tell me how you spell it?!I think you're the best actor! What is one hundred in Spanish? Adios amigos! – Jennifer, 9, California

Tito: Hi Jennifer! ¡Hola Jennifer! I like your energy! I will teach you how to spell that. It is spelled “¡Hola!  ¿Cómo estás? ” That means, “Hello! How are you?” It is great that you tried to spell it! Thanks! One hundred in Spanish is “cien ”. Thanks for writing to me! ¡Adiós amiga!

Q: dear tito i have also moved before in my life but i would like to know how to say you are my bestfriend" in spanish?" – Courtney M., 12, GA

Tito: Dear Courtney, ¡Hola! Hi! Moving can be tough, right? But you also get to make many new friends in different places. In Spanish, “You are my best friend” is said, “Tu eres mi major amigo.” Have a great day! Bye!

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