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Tito answers your questions
Q: Tito my family is from Mexico. I live with my mom, dad, uncle, aunt, and grandma. I feel sad sometimes that I don't visit my other relatives in Mexico really often. Do you sometimes get sad because you can't visit your relatives that often? — Marina, 11, California

Tito: I know what you mean, Marina – sometimes I get sad too because I can’t visit Mexico a lot to see my relatives. But it makes me feel better when we keep in touch. My cousins in Mexico just sent me a really fun postcard, and Abuela helped me to send them an email back. Doing things like that make me miss my family a little less.

Q: Hi Tito, my name is Manar. Do you like to go to the doctor? I don’t because they give you a shot. — Manar K., 8, Maryland

Tito: Hola, Manar! I have a really nice doctor, so I don’t mind going to see her (she tells funny jokes!). She makes me feel better when I’m sick and helps to keep me healthy. (But I don’t like getting shots either!)

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