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Theo answers your questions
Q: hey theo! I think you are pretty cool. I really look up to you. is there anyone you look up to? — Cody, 9, North Carolina

Theo: Dear Cody, Sure, I look up to a bunch of people, but especially my dad. He’s really cool — he’s smart and funny and spends a lot of time with me. I’d like to be just like him when I grow up.

Q: which do you like better, lucha libre or basketball. I like basketball do you. — Kevin D. V., 11, MEXICO

Theo: Dear Kevin, Hmmm, I think I actually like basketball better. I’m on the team at the Community Center with all my friends, and it’s really fun to play.

Q: Hi Theo, My birthday is coming up soon. I don't know what theme to pick. I have my heart set on either poodles or regular kids dancing. Can you help me pick? — Jessica, 10, California

Theo: Dear Jessica, I’m sure either theme would be great, but having a dance party sounds like fun to me! My friend Wendy turned 11 a few weeks ago, and she had a dance party with cool music — everyone had the best time! Happy Birthday!

Q: I just finished my classes and I cried my last day because I’m not going to be in the same school next year. Do you cry when you finish your classes and are going to a new school? — Wilmarie, 12, Puerto Rico

Theo: Dear Wilmarie, I’m actually going to stay in the same school next year. But I know that it can be really sad to leave your school and your friends — Andy told me he cried too when he left his old school before coming to ours (don’t tell him I told you!). The good news is that there are lots of ways to stay in touch with people you miss, like email and phone. And I’m sure you’ll make tons of new friends in your new school! Good luck!

Q: What is your favorit month?? Mine is October because thats the month of my birthday! — Rachel, 8, Pennsylvannia

Guess what, Rachel? October is my favorite month too! My birthday is also in October – it’s the 29th. When’s yours? October is also a great month because of Halloween – one of my very favorite holidays!

Q: Do you like to travel? I would like to learn how to sail and travel around the world. — Carmine, 10, Florida

I love to travel! I was on a big boat once with my uncle. He knows how to sail, and he told me that he will teach me when I get to be a little older. I think traveling around by boat would be a really fun way to see the world!

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