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Theo answers your questions
Q: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you want? — Lonnie P., Oregon

Theo: Hmmm… I’d have to say an encyclopedia, a walkie-talkie, and granola bars – an interesting read, a way to contact people, and my favorite snack!

Q:  Do you like to invent things? I notased on one show you had a pen that was a gum dispencer/nail clippers/tootbrush. That you said you made. — Eric, West Virginia

Theo:  Eric, I don't just like to invent things, I LOVE it.  It makes life a lot easier when you own a pen that's also a gum dispenser, nail clippers, and a toothbrush.  I also designed a necktie for my dad that lets him keep his reading glasses and floss for his teeth inside!  To help my mom who kept leaving the house without her keys, I invented a key hook that reminds her to take her keys every time she opens the door.  My parents can't thank me enough!

Q: If you had a Million dollars what would you do with it buy someting cool or give it away to the homless? — Logan, Colorado

Hi Logan, good question! I might buy a new computer for myself, something for my parents, some new sports equipment for the community center (so everyone can enjoy), and after all that, I definitely would give the rest to a couple of good charities. Giving it to the homeless is a great idea, thanks!

Q: What if you had three wishes that you can get whatever you wanted? What would it be? — Theo, 14, North Dakota

Theo: Dear Theo, I would want to go on a trip around the world.  How cool would that be? And I would want my entire family and group of friends to go with me. I also would want to go to space camp. I think being an astronaut would be amazing. Lastly, I’d love to make a few additions to the Community Center, like a library, a swimming pool, and a really big kitchen, so Abuela Elena would be able to teach cooking classes. She makes the BEST tamales. I want to learn how to make them.

Q: what is the quimical composition of water? — Jonathan,11, Illinois

Theo: Dear Jonathan, What a great question! The chemical composition of water is H2O. It has 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen bonded together. I know this because I particularly LOVE science and knowing what things are made of.

Q: Hi Theo, do you like Spanish reggae—“el regeton”? — Yanired, 7, Puerto Rico

Theo: Dear Yanired, I DO like Spanish Reggae, or “el regatón.”  It’s a lot of fun to dance too, although I’m not the best dancer.  Sometimes instead of dancing I’ll just nod my head to the beat of the music.

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