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Theo answers your questions
Q: What science experiments have you done lately? — Liam, 7, Massachusetts

Theo: We just did a cool experiment in our science class the other day. We learned how to distill (or purify) salt water so that it’s no longer salty. We put salt water in a bowl and an empty glass in the center. We covered the whole thing in plastic wrap, and put a small rock on the plastic wrap over the center of the glass, and put it in the sun. Can you guess what happened? The water started to condense on the plastic wrap and drip into the glass. Did you know that when water turns into vapor it leaves the salt behind? What was left in the glass was just pure water which was no longer salty. It tasted pretty good!

Q: Hi Theo, I wanted to ask if you like your name. — Jaki, 8

Theo: Hi, Jaki! I actually think my name is pretty cool. Guess what? It’s my grandfather’s name too! He uses the full name Theodore, but I just go by Theo – that way, people don’t get us confused!

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