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Paco answers your questions
Q: DO YOU HUG? — Kareena P., 6, Indiana

Paco: Hi Kareena! Paco would get crushed if he were hugged by anyone in the Santos family. Instead Paco squaaawwwwkkkks a lot to show the Santos’ how much he loves them.

Q: Hi Paco. I have a parrot named Crackers who loves peanut butter crackers; that's how he got his name. Do you like crackers? My dentist also has a parrot named Flossy. She just loves saying "hello"! — Kathryn, 11, California

Paco: Paco loves crackers! SQUAWK! They are a tasty treat when Paco gets bored of fruit, birdseed, and insects!

Q: Paco do you have fun it seeems like it? — Stephany, 8, Puerto Rico

Paco: Hi Stephany! You’re right. Paco has a lot of fun! I love living with the Santos family. Paco can’t imagine a better life. SQUUUUAAAAAAAWWWWK!

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