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Paco answers your questions
Q: Dear Paco, you are a very funny and cute parrot. Do you have any brothers or sisters? — Alice, 9, New York

Paco: Paco thinks you are very funny and cute too! Paco doesn’t have any parrot brothers or sisters. Just Maya and Miguel! SQUAAAWK!

Q: Dear Paco, is it hard to be a pet? — Kayla, North Carolina

Paco: Paco is not a pet! Paco is part of the Santos family! Paco loves his family, and they love Paco!

Q: Dear Paco, what is your favorite hobby? — Kevin, 9, United States

Paco: Paco likes to look in the mirror, Kevin. Ooooh, what a pretty bird! Pretty bird! SQUAAAWK!

Q: How many species of birds exist? — Joe, 8, United States

Paco: Hi, Joe! Paco loves your question! SQUAAAAWK! There are about 10,000 species of birds in the world. That’s a lot of feathers! SQUAAAAWK!

Q: Paco I’ve never had a pet. Do you behave well in Miguel and Maya’s house? — Claudia, 10

Paco is a perfect bird! SQUAAAWK! Perfect! Well, mostly perfect. Well, sometimes perfect. Okay, maybe not really… SQUAAAWK!

Q: How did you learn to talk? — Melissa, 7, New York

Abuela taught Paco to speak Spanish. And Maya and Miguel taught Paco how to speak English. And Paco teaches everyone how to speak Bird! SQUAAAWK!

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