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Paco answers your questions
Q: how is flying — Emma, 7, California

Paco: Dear Emma, Flying is fun! Paco loves to fly! SQUAAAAWK! Paco goes really high and really fast!

Q: Why do cats have pawprints like dogs? — Adriana, 7

Paco: Dear Adriana, Cats have pawprints like dogs because…well…they both have paws! People have feet and footprints, cats and dogs have paws and pawprints, and birds (like Paco!) have claws and, well, I guess claw prints. I’ll have to ask Theo about that one.

Q: WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO EAT? — Emma, 4, Nebraska

Paco: Dear Emma, Paco’s favorite meal is bird seed. Yuuuum! And cold water. And little nuts. And small berries. Oh, and a crunchy piece of celery is tasty too! Paco loves to eat! SQUAAAAWK!

Q: Dear Paco, would you like to come to Puerto Rico? — Danny M., 11, Puerto Rico

Paco: Dear Danny, Oh, Paco would love to come to Puerto Rico! Paco is from Puerto Rico and lived there as a little birdie! Sometimes Paco misses Puerto Rico — you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! SQUAAAWK!

Q: What is the name of the bird of Maya’s teacher and do you like the bird? — Anna, 12, Florida

Her name is Minh. Pretty bird! Pretty bird! Minh and Paco are very good friends. Min and Paco visit each other and play all the time!

Q: Hi Paco, my name is Wilbeliz, I also speak English. Would you like to have a fried that is a dog or cat? — Wilbeliz, 9, Puerto Rico

Paco has lots of dog friends who live in the Pet Store. Dogs are super nice! But cats? Ick. Paco doesn’t like cats! (Okay, Paco is a little scared of cats…)

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