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Paco answers your questions
Q: do you get haircuts. — Tiya, 7, Indiana

Dear Tiya, Paco doesn’t get haircuts (Paco doesn’t have hair!). Sometimes Paco loses some feathers so that new, beautiful ones can grow in. The new ones are so pretty! SQUAAAWK!

Q: Do you hate the smell of wet dog? — Owais, 10, Indiana

Dear Owais, Who doesn’t?!?! Wet dog? Yiiiiiiiiick! SQUAAAAAWK!

Q: hi paco you are so fun, but my question is where are you from? — zahilys, 11, PUERTO RICO

Dear Zahilys, Thank you! Paco thinks you probably are a lot of fun too! SQUAAAAWK! Paco was born in Mexico and lived there as a little baby parrot. SQUAAAAWK! Then Paco went to the United States with Abuela and came to live with the Santos family. Paco loves Maya and Miguel and the rest of the Santos family! SQUAAAAWK!

Q: Paco do you have friends that are parrots? — Katia, 11, United States

Paco has a good parrot friend named Min who lives with Maya and Miguel’s teacher, Mr. Nguyen. Sometimes Min spends the day with Paco, while Mr. Nguyen, Maya and Miguel are in school. Min is a pretty bird, and we have lots of fun playing together! SQUAAAWK!

Q: Do you like to play with other animals like cats, dogs, horses, crocodiles, and fish? — Graciela, 9, The United States

Dear Graciela, Paco loves to play with other animals in the neighborhood and at the pet store… except cats! SQUAAAAWK! Paco is afraid of cats!

Q: Paco do you like being a parrot? Or would you like to be a person? — Valeria, 12, another country

Dear Valeria, Paco looooooves being a parrot! SQUAAAAWK! Parrots have beautiful colored feathers, and they can talk, sing and fly. People are great too, but parrots are the best!

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