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Paco answers your questions
Q: why do you not like cats and dogs? — Zachary, 9, TX

Paco: Dear Zachary, I don’t like cats. SQUAWK! They chase me around and make me fall off my perch. I feel the same way about dogs! I do like Yo-yo, Chrissy’s cat, because he doesn’t try to catch me all the time! SQUAWK!

Q: dear paco did you like the bunny in mama & papa's pet store? — micaela, 8 , CA

Paco: Dear Micaela, I didn’t like the bunnies in the pet store very much! SQUAWK! They were cute and sweet, but I thought Maya and Miguel paid a little too much attention to them instead of me!

Q: Where and how did you learn how to speak? — Mia, 8, Los Estados Unidos

Paco: Dear Mia, The Santos family taught me to speak both English and Spanish. I learn new things from them everyday, but they didn’t teach me how to squawk. That comes naturally! SQUAWK!

Q: Dear paco why is your name Paco. ps I love you Paco. — Angelica, 8, Canada

Paco: Dear Angelica, Abuela named me Paco after her favorite singer growing up in Mexico.  She says he and I have similar sounding voices, SQUAWK!  I sing so pretty!

Q: Are you married Paco? — Alejandra, 11, US

Dear Alejandra, No, Paco isn’t married – Paco doesn’t even have a girlfriend! SQUAAAWK! But Paco has lots of friends and family! So Paco is never lonely! SQUAAAWK!

Q: Dear Paco why do say pretty bird?i have a bird to and its a girl. — Marcelino, 7, Arizona

Dear Marcelino, Maya and Miguel taught Paco how to say, “Pretty bird” and now Paco loves to say it all the time. Pretty bird! Pretty bird! (See?!?) SQUAAAWK! What’s your bird’s name? Maybe we can be friends! SQUAAAWK!

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