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Paco answers your questions
Q: Do you speak Spanish and English? — Joseph D., California

Paco: Sí! And Yes!

Q: Do you go outside? — Tina R., New York

Paco: Sometimes I’ll go to the park with the Santos family. And sometimes I go the pet store with them too. But I prefer my perch in the living room – it’s home sweet home for me!

Q: Are you a boy or girl? no, offense, im just wondering! I love ur character though, your so awesome!!! — Tomica, Pennsylvania

I am a male parrot. Thank you! ¡Gracias!


Dear Maya, you have the same name as my owner (Maya Santos!) SQUAWK! I am scared of eagles and cats. One time, Maya introduced me to a very friendly girl eagle and I was very scared!

Q: Are you a scarlet macaw? You are avery pretty bird you know. Who do you belong to? i have a parrot,he is a blue and gold macaw though. My name is Domenica. — Domenica, 8, NH

Paco: Dear Domenica, You are very smart - SQUAWK! I am a scarlet Macaw. I belong to Maya and Miguel and the whole Santos family. Thanks for writing! ¡Gracias por escribir! SQUAWK!

Q: What do you do when your alone? — Lissette, 9, Unites States

Paco: Dear Lissette, During the day, I speak to Rosa, Maya and Miguel’s mom, when she’s not at work at the pet store and sometimes I spend time with Abuela Elena. I also like to exercise and fly around, because exercise is so good for you - SQUAWK! Then I wait until Maya and Miguel get home from school so we can talk and play!

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