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Miguel answers your questions
Q: Dear Miguel, Are you good at art and music? — Danni, 10, UNITED STATES

Miguel: Hi, Danni! People tell me I’m a pretty good artist – that’s because I’ve been practicing how to draw for a really long time. And I love playing the drums. My Abuela told me yesterday that she thinks I’m pretty good at that too. But my new thing is learning how to play guitar. Papi is an amazing guitar player (he was in a band in Puerto Rico!), and he’s been teaching me on the weekends. I hope that one day I can play as many songs as he can!

Q: Miguel, why do you get annoyed at Maya sometimes? — MAYRA, 10, MEXICO

Miguel: That’s a great question, Mayra. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my sister, Maya. But she does the craziest things sometimes! She always gets really big ideas in her head about how to help people (and sometimes they don’t even need help!). That’s when things start to get out of control! I sometimes get annoyed at Maya when I can’t seem to stop her (or even slow her down!), but everything usually turns out okay in the end. Usually…

Q: Why do you have spiky hair? — Abdul, 6, Virginia

Miguel: Dear Abdul, My hair is just spiky! Some people have straight hair, some people have curly hair, and I have spiky hair. It really sticks out all over the place when I wake up in the morning, but by the time I go to school, it kind of calms down a little. I guess having spiky hair is just my “thing”!

Q: What is your favorite dinosaur? — Brice, 4, New York

Miguel: Dear Brice, I think Tyrannosaurus Rex is pretty cool. T Rexs were huuuuge — at least 12 feet tall. That’s almost as big as a giraffe! And they weighed around 7 tons! Can you imagine that? Last year, I went with my 5th grade class to the museum, and we saw an actual fossil of a T Rex. What’s your favorite dinosaur, Brice?

Q: Do you like racing with your friends? — Tolulope, 7, Texas

Sure do! Andy, Theo, and I love to race together. We race on our bikes, on our skateboards – sometimes we even just like to run to see who gets to the Community Center first (it’s usually Andy!).

Q: Do you like to dance? — Carolina, 12, California

Dancing is fun, especially if there’s great music. Andy tried to teach me some cool dance moves the other day, but I think I need a little practice. My mom and dad know how to do all kinds of Latin dances (like salsa, merengue, samba, and mambo), and they’re really good. Someday, maybe I’ll learn how to do those too.

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