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Miguel answers your questions
Q: Hi Miguel!!! My question is how long have you been playing soccer? — Alejandra, 12, Colorado

Miguel: Dear Alejandra, I’ve been playing soccer all my life. I started as a baby, playing with a ball in my crib and kicking it over to Maya’s crib. I started playing on a team when I got to school.

Q: If you and Maya are twins, then why you two look different? — Daniel, 11, Texas

Dear Daniel, Not all twins look alike. Maya and I are what you call “fraternal twins” – we’re not “identical twins” who look exactly the same. Maya and I look different from one another – for starters, I’m a boy and she’s a girl!

Q: what is salsa. — Ethan, 6, California

Dear Ethan, The word salsa actually means several different things! First, salsa can be a type of sauce. It usually means a spicy sauce or dip made from tomatoes. Salsa is typically used in Mexican foods – Abuela knows how to make all kinds of delicious salsas, like salsa roja (red sauce) and salsa verde (green sauce). Salsa is also a style of music that is popular across Latin America (and the U.S. too!) and it’s a kind of dance as well. Abuela actually goes salsa dancing every Friday night!

Q: Dear Miguel, Are you thankful that you have Maya? I sure am thankful that I have my little brother! Even though Maya has silly ideas sometime but you are always there for her, and same with Maya. I think Maya feels the same way about you, I think she is glad to have you! — Kendra, 11, Maine

Dear Kendra, I am thankful that I have Maya (usually – just kidding!). Even though she can come up with some pretty silly ideas, I am glad to have a twin sister. At least things are never boring when Maya’s around!

Q: how do you come up with comic strips — dana, 8, Texas

Dear Dana, Sometimes a story just pops into my head when I least expect it, but usually I just start by doodling on my pad of paper. I draw a fun character or two and then think about some wild adventure they could go on. If I get stuck, I sometimes ask Maya or Papi to help me figure out how the story should end!

Q: Can you play the guitar? — Nakeil, 4, Georgia

Dear Nakeil, I play the guitar…just not very well yet! Drums are really my thing. But my dad is an awesome guitar player (he has a great singing voice too!). He is teaching me how to play, so someday soon, we’ll be able to play and sing songs together!

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