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Miguel answers your questions

Miguel: Hi Maritza, Although I have never been in a basketball tournament, I do play on my neighborhood team, The Mighty Parrots. We practice at the Community Center. I am also on “the Purple Hawks”, a soccer team. I sure love sports!

Q: Why don’t you like Maya’s ideas? — GLORIA, 8, Texas

Miguel: Dear Gloria, I do like Maya’s ideas, but sometimes I think she gets a little too into them without thinking about the big picture first. That’s why I always help out with every idea she has! 

Q: Hey Miguel, were you scared of your first day of school? — Christa, 11, Virginia

Miguel: Dear Christa, I was nervous my first day of school.  It’s scary when you’re starting something new.  Maya of course was thrilled!  Her being excited helped me forget I was nervous and let me enjoy the day.  It helps to have support when you’re feeling scared!

Q: Would you like it if everyone was bi-lingual like you and Maya? — Yulisa, 9, Nevada

Miguel: Dear Yulisa, I would LOVE it if everyone were bilingual like Maya and me.  It would be great if people were trilingual!  I love that I know how to speak both Spanish and English.  I would love to speak even more languages!

Q: Dear Miguel.  can you play the piano i can. my sister andy can play the flute and my sister emiliana can play the clarinett.  love lissy — Lissy, 9, Virginia

Miguel: Dear Lissy, That’s so great that your sisters and you play different instruments. You could start a band! I don’t play piano, but I do play the drums. Andy, Theo and I have a band called “The New Kats.”

Q: Miguel can you give me an avice to make friends please?I do not have any friends and I often fill lonely.Please help me! — Gilberto, 10, Texas

Miguel: Dear Gilberto, I know it isn’t always easy to make new friends, especially when everyone seems to have a group of friends already. The best way to start is to smile and say hi! With the kids in your class, at first you can talk about school or homework. Are you having trouble with an assignment? Maybe you can work together to figure it out. What do you like to do outside of school? Sometimes joining a sports team (like soccer!) or an after-school club can help you meet kids who like the same things you do. I hope this helps! Good luck!

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