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Miguel answers your questions
Q: What is your favorite thing to do after school (other than homework!)? — Tammy A., New York

Miguel: Hmmm… that’s a tough one. I like to do so many things! It’s fun to round up some friends and head over to the Community Center and see what’s happening there. We always find cool games to play, or lessons to sign up for, like karate or kite-making. Or sometimes I like to head over to the field to play soccer with my buds. I also enjoy checking in with my sister to see what she’s up to. Usually whatever it is, there’s fun and laughs involved!

Q: Who is older, you or your sister Maya? — David G., Colorado

Miguel: Good question, David! I’m older, by three whole minutes!

Q: Do you like to speak English or Spanish — John, New Jersey

Dear John, I like to speak both languages! Abuela speaks a little more Spanish than Mamá and Papi, and I mostly speak English to my friends.

Q: What kind of pets do you have at your family's pet shop — Kylie, Washington

Dear Kylie, We have lots of cool pets at Mamá and Papi's pet shop. We have dogs, cats, bunnies, lizards, and snakes. Did you see what happened when Tito left the snake's cage open and the snake went into Señor Maldonado's bag? That was pretty funny!

Q: What is a fiesta? — Michelle L., California

Miguel: Dear Michelle, Fiesta means party in Spanish. I love fiestas! The last time we had a party at my house, there was great music, lots of cool decorations, and a ton of yummy food (including chicken tacos - my favorite!).

Q: Whats your Grandma's name? — Lauren, 8, MA

Miguel: Dear Lauren, My grandmother’s name is Elena Chavez. We call her Abuela Elena which means Grandma Elena in Spanish.

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