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Miguel answers your questions
Q: Dear Miguel, My family speaks Portuguese (which is close to Spanish) and I was wondering if you understand the sentence I am about to type. Eu gosto du ti, Miguel. P.S. Write back as soon as you can. — Tania, 10, Massachusetts

Olá, Tania! I do understand your sentence (my mom taught me a little Portuguese).
Eu gosto de você também! (I like you too!)

Q: Hola Miguel, I, like you, am half Mexican, and I love learning of mine, and other cultures. Do you go to a school with people of different backgrounds? Do you like it? — Troy, 11

Hola, Troy! Yes, my school is full of people from all different backgrounds. I like it a lot – it’s really fun to learn about the different foods that people eat, all the holidays they celebrate, the places their families are from, and the languages they speak. It would be pretty boring if we were all the same!

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