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Maya answers your questions
Q: Hi Maya, I love your show! I also like your room! How can I decorate mine? Also, what do you put in your locker? Thanks for replying! — Irene, 8

Maya: Dear Irene, I’m glad you like the show and my room. I decorated my room with a lot of blue and pink things because I like those colors. You should decorate your room with your favorite colors, too! In your locker, you could put up pictures of your friends and your family. Be creative and have fun!

Q: Maya, do you like Miguel a lot? — Amanda, 8, United States

Maya: Hi, Amanda. Yes, I like Miguel a lot. Even though we fight a lot because of my big ideas, he’s my brother, and no matter what, we’re family!

Q: What is the idea that helps you the most? — Nancy, 12, Kansas

Maya: Hi, Nancy. Good question! I have so many ideas that I can’t choose just one. All my ideas are ways that I can help my relatives and friends so all my ideas help me.

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