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Maya answers your questions
Q: Dear Maya, Do you have a favorite kind of pet? — Amelia, 9, California

Maya: I really love all animals, but my favorite pet is… my parrot Paco! Lots of animals make great pets. My parents’ shop is full of dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits and hamsters that need good families. Every one of them is sooooo cute – sometimes I want to take them all home with me! Of course, Papi won’t let me. (I asked.)

Q: Maya I don’t know how to speak English I would like to ask you what I can do to learn English? I know a few words like hi, hello, how are you those words nothing else up til now what is your advice for me to learn English please write me the answer quickly please and thank you. — Deisy, 11, North Carolina

Maya: Hi, Deisy! Do any of your friends speak English? Or does anyone in your family speak English? Maybe you can ask one of them to teach you a few new words each day. It’s fun to learn a language when you do it with someone else! Good luck!

Q: Maya, where do you get your big ideas from? — Rachelle, 8, California

Maya: Hi, Rachelle! Big ideas just come to me. It’s like I’m some sort of magnet for them! One minute, I’ll be thinking about how I can help somebody I love, and the next minute, a great big idea will pop into my head, just like that. ¡Eso es!

Q: How do you get the equipment to make your inventions? — Catherine, 8, Montana

Maya: Dear Catherine, My brain is my equipment! That’s all you really need to make anything!

Q: Maya, have you and Chrissy ever gotten in a fight? — Prisha, 5, Canada

Hi, Prisha! Most good friends disagree every once in a while. Chrissy and I got in a little fight last Saturday when we were hanging out at her house. She wanted to watch a movie (I didn’t), and I wanted to make friendship bracelets (she didn’t). We argued about who got to pick what to do. Finally, we decided that we should choose something together that we both like… so we played with her cat instead! Everyone was happy (especially the kitty!).

Q: How do you feel when your big ideas don’t work? — Yeni, 8

That’s a great question, Yeni! When my big ideas don’t work, I sometimes feel sad or disappointed. But that doesn’t last for long – I just figure out a different way to solve the problem and try again!

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