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Maya answers your questions
Q: Hi Maya where are your parents from mine are from Aguascalientes. Do you like to cook I love to cook. What is your favorite food? Bye I love your show. — Melissa, 8, California

Dear Melissa, My mom is from Mexico, and my dad is from Puerto Rico. I love to cook, especially with Miguel and our Abuela. She taught us how to make tamales (corn meal dough with a filling that is wrapped in a corn husk) and churros (kind of like a Mexican doughnut) – two of my favorite foods! Yuuuuuummmy!

Q: Are you a girl? Wel I'm A boy And I love your show but I speak Spanish and Greek. Where do you come from? I come from Mexico. My dad came from Jamaca and my mom from Japan so I have 2 backrounds. How many backrounds do you have? My name is Alexda. I live in Virginia. Bye!! — Alexda C., Virginia

Dear Alexda, Thanks for all of the great questions! I was born in the US, but my mother is from Mexico and my father is from Puerto Rico. So I also have two backgrounds. I speak English and Spanish. I am a girl, and my twin brother, Miguel, who is three minutes older, is a boy.

Q: I'm having a slumber party, but my mom will only let me have 4 people. I'm afraid that the friends that I haven’t invited will get mad. What should I do? — Laura, 10, Vermont

Maya: Dear Laura, I have an idea! What if you write everyone’s name on a little piece of paper, put them all in a hat, and then pick out 4 names. That way, it’s all about luck and people can’t get mad. I think that might work!

Q: Do you have animals other than Paco? — Magali, 10, California

  Dear Magali, We look after all of the animals in our Pet Store, but Paco is our only pet.  He’s a handful all by himself!

Q: Maya, do u know how to cook by yourself? — Anonymous

  I’m not allowed to cook by myself yet (my parents said I have to be at least 16), but I’m learning how to do it by helping out in the kitchen.  Abuela teaches me how to make lots of yummy things – just last night, she showed me how to make her famous caldo de pollo (chicken soup).  It was actually a lot of work – maybe I’m not in such a hurry to cook all by myself!

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