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Maya answers your questions

Dear Anasia, I love to dance! Sometimes I take dance classes at the Community Center with Maggie and Chrissy, but mostly I just like to put on some fun music and dance around the living room! Mamá and Papi are great salsa dancers – someday I would like to be as good as they are!

Q: Hi Maya I spent alot a time with my Gramma Nanna and she did alot for me what can i do to make it up to her? — Rachel, 13, Missouri

Dear Rachel, I would guess that your Gramma Nanna doesn’t think that you need to make anything up to her. I spend a lot of time with my Abuela too, and she always does tons of nice stuff for me. In return, I hug her a lot and tell her that I love her – Abuela says that’s the best gift a granddaughter can give.

Q: Dear Maya, My grandmothe's birthday is coming and I have no clue what to get her. Do you have any ideas. — Daniela, 10, Connecticut

Dear Daniela, Why don’t you make something special for your grandmother? I know that my Abuela loves that! How about painting a picture of your whole family, or maybe making a necklace by stringing together some pretty beads, or maybe putting together a book of favorite photos and writing a story to go with it? I’m sure your grandmother will love whatever you do for her!

Q: Dear Maya,my puppy`s birthday is soon and I don`t know what to get him!I cannot ask him what he wants,he`s a dog.what do I do?
— Rachel, 8, Oklahoma

I bet your puppy would like extra scratches on his belly for his birthday. Or you could take him for a really long walk or spend an afternoon with him playing with his favorite toys. When it comes to birthdays, dogs don’t ask for much!

Q: Maya a friend of mine is really attached to her mom and she doesn’t like to sleep over my house?on my birthday I’m having a sleepover I want her to come but she doesn’t want to because her mom won’t be there? What do I do? — Zilahir, 9, The United States

Dear Zilahir, It sounds like your friend is not really ready for a sleepover away from her mom yet. But that’s okay. Some day soon she may be! In the meantime, I know it’s disappointing not to have your friend at the sleepover, but maybe you can celebrate your birthday with her another way.

Q: Hey What's up Maya? are you a girly-girl or a tomboy? Most people say i'm girly, but even though i have lots of friends that are girls, I'm also best friends with a ton of boys. Are your friends mostly girls or boys? — Beyanka, 10, Arizona

Dear Beyanka, I have friends who are both boys and girls. Let’s see… my very best friends are Maggie, Chrissy, Andy and Theo. So that’s two boys and two girls — exactly even!

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