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Maya answers your questions
Q: Hi Maya, what are your favorite stories and games? Can you send me a postcard, I am from Santo Domingo but live in the US. — JOYCE DISLA, 9, Los Estados Unidos

Maya: Dear Joyce, I really like mysteries and fairy tales. I like mysteries, because you never know what’s going to happen. Fairy tales are nice because they always end happily ever after and things should always end up that way. I love to play soccer with Miguel, because he’s so good. Maggie, Chrissy, and I play a lot of cards and board games. Oh, and Paco and I always do the limbo, while Abuela and Miguel hold the stick. We all take turns of course.

Q: Hi Maya, my name is Gabby. I have a older Brother just like Miguel. I was wondering what it is like with your parents working at the pet shop? Is it fun? — Gabby, 7, MA

Maya: Dear Gabby, I love that my parents own a pet shop. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s a lot of work too. I can’t always play with the animals. I have to help my parents feed them and pick up after them too!

Q: Hi Maya, I'm Ashley. My question to you: what is your goal in life? — Ashley, 10, Oklahoma

Maya: Dear Ashley, I have a lot of goals.  I think it would be great to be a doctor, because I would be able to help people feel better.  Being a science teacher would be cool too!  I would do wild experiments and wear goggles and a lab coat.  It would be great, because I would be teaching kids about the wonders of science.  I’ve also entertained the thought of being a talk show host.  I would help people by talking with them about their problems, and I would be able to reunite long lost family members.

Q: Hola maya!  Have you ever gotten mad at Paco or any of your amigos? I have a 6 year old brother and he always drives me crazy! — Emily, 9, Mississippi

Maya: Dear Emily, I’ve never been mad at Paco.  Chrissy, Maggie, and I have been mad at each other before, but it was about something silly and we got over it real fast.  Miguel and I get mad at each other.  Miguel definitely gets mad at me more than I do at him.  He gets over it too pretty quickly.  He can’t resist my charm!

Q: Dear Maya, why do u like Valentine's day. — Amy, 9, California

Dear Amy, I love Valentine’s Day! It’s a great day to show all the people in your life how much you love them. I like to make little cards for all of my family and friends and neighbors – and even Paco!

Q: Do you speak French. — Jason, 9, North Carolina

Dear Jason, I don’t speak French – at least not yet! I’d love to learn how to speak it one day. I might take French in school when I get a little older. I think learning a language is a lot of fun. It’s great because you can talk to lots of new people and learn all about different parts of the world.

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