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Maya answers your questions
Q: What is it like having a twin brother? — Jenny P., Texas

Maya: Well, for one thing, I always have someone to bounce my ideas off of – night and day, and that’s a great thing, because I have a lot of ideas. And I always have someone to play with, and have adventures with, so that’s fun too. On the other hand, Miguel always knows what I’m thinking, and he’s sometimes not so excited about my big plans. He’ll say “Yo te concozo…” which means “I know you…” in Spanish, and he’ll try and talk me out of some of my best ideas! But in the end, it sometimes saves me from getting into big trouble. SO, I guess I’d have to say that it’s awesome having a twin brother like Miguel!

Q: Maya, On May 1st I'm going camping with my Brownie Troop. I'm not sure I'm ready for camping because we are not just camping for the day, but all night!
Oh, Maya what do I do?
Your friend,
PS. I always go on Miguel and your website everyday! — Ashleigh, 8, UNITED STATES

Dear Ashleigh, Thanks for coming to our website everyday! It’s so cool that you’re going camping with your Brownie Troop! I know that camping at night can be a little scary, but you’ll be with all of your friends and plenty of grownups who will take care of you. I went camping for the first time last year with my family – we told stories around the campfire at night, cooked outside and slept in tents. I was a little scared at first, but it turned out to be really fun!

Q: Why do you say SOS? — Kaite, Wisconsin

Maya: Dear Kaite, That's a great question.  I actually say "¡Eso es!" which means "That's it!" in Spanish.  I sometimes say things in Spanish because I speak both languages!  Now you can say "¡Eso es!" in Spanish when you have a big idea.


Dear Flavia, my friend Maggie is also trying to learn Spanish. She learns it from listening to Miguel & me, but she is also thinking about taking Spanish lessons. Maybe you can ask your mom if she can help you find a place to take a Spanish class. You can also look for Spanish books at your local library.

¡Buena suerte! Good luck!

Q: Hey, Maya! Im in the 5th grade now, but im only 9. its because i came from England, where i lived for six years. The way the grades are there are different. Now i live in stanford, CA. Its my third year in America . Do you like any places you havent been to? If you do, Why would you want to visit that place? Later Gator! — Tansu, 9, California

Maya: Dear Tansu, ¡Hola! (Hi!) That’s pretty neat that you are from England. There are many places I haven’t been to. I’d really like to visit England! I’ve always wanted to see the palace where the Queen lives and ride those red double-decker buses. I have also read about Big Ben and I am curious to see it in person. Someday, I’d also love to travel to China and France and Spain…and maybe even Stanford, CA!

Q: Hi Maya! How are you? my name is Heta D. i am in 2nd grade. i love animals. they are all so cute. my favorite is a rabbit. they are so adorable. sometimes i even leave out some carrots on the grass, and watch the rabbits eat it. what is you favorite animal? i like flowers too. roses especially. do you like flowers, which one? — Heta, 7, NJ

Maya: Dear Heta, I love animals too. My parents own a pet shop and I get to play with the rabbits, the cats, and the dogs all the time! My favorite animal is a parrot, like Paco, but I also like rabbits. One time, I thought my favorite rabbit was going to be sold to a very mean bully - but then we realized that he was just shy and was actually very nice. I also like flowers. I think my favorite flower right now is the daisy, like the ones on my sweater.

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